My 6 Week Transformational Program is designed for introverted senior professionals who are absolutely amazing at what they do, but haven't yet overcome their anxiety and low confidence and want help to become the self-assured leader they know they can be.

If you find getting lost in your head and lacking drive for the big picture, doubting your own worth and ideas, and struggling to assert yourself, this program might just be perfect for you.

You'll uncover the roots of your anxiety, discover your innate gifts and purpose, and learn how to effectively use your empathy to create meaningful relationships with those around you.

You’re going to notice big internal shifts from just Week 1 of the program and I’m highly confident that you’ll find yourself championing your own worth, finding your natural leadership, and confidently creating meaningful relationships with those around you. All from working together for 6 weeks.

So what's the program methodology?

The program's methodology uses a combination of Inner Child Work & the Enneagram Personality Model to help you reach phenomenal levels of self-awareness and self-compassion while understanding those around you in ways you never could before.

This approach has resulted in my clients feeling more validated and empowered than they've ever been. They've taken more action personally and professionally in our 6 weeks together, and the months after, than they've collectively taken in years.

The First Phase - Uncovering Your Roots

The first session will start with me guiding you through the different phases of your life so that I have an insight to what it is like to be you. All of my clients never really felt like they could confide in their parents, have been generally shy and reserved in school, and go through life persistently experiencing some type of discrimination. I will be asking very specific questions and dive deep into your life and worldview.

Then, we'll move onto the part of the session where I'll use hypnosis to guide you to uncover pivotal memories that play a significant part in forming the anxiety inducing narratives you've carried throughout your life.

Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with hypnosis or only know of the pocketwatch-ticking-in-front-of-your-face type stage hypnosis. I was there too! Simply put, being under a hypnotic trance is a state of mind where our normal awareness is reduced and attention is directed toward a specific idea, a problem, or an insight. Most of us experience some form of light trance daily!

After which, I'll help you spot the recurring patterns that come up in these memories and get you to visualize certain scenarios that get your subconscious gears turning.

After the session, will also given a personalized meditation audio, a anxiety strategy guide, daily activities and other custom material to consume daily. I’ll be getting you to work hard these 6 weeks so that you get the transformative change you’re capable of. But don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Almost all of my clients have already felt a shift taking place. They start seeing their life and beliefs laid out in a way they've never experienced before.

The Second Phase - Discovering Your Framework

This next phase is all about showing you that yes, you are different, but that is exactly where all your strength lies.

We'll go through a comprehensive breakdown of your Enneagram framework along with how it ties in distinctly with your childhood and life experience that we discussed in the previous phase.

We will explore your core fear and desire, the roots of your emotions, the specific mental strategies you use to deal with stress, your unique strengths, unhealthy tendencies, uncompromisable values, sensitivities, biases and mental blocks, and a whole lot more. Most importantly, you start seeing a pattern of your habitual functioning. A pattern that helps you make sense of why you feel, think, and do the things that you do.

What almost always happens next, is an overwhelming sense of relief, validation, and empowerment from recognizing that you're not broken, you make sense, you've got unique gifts, and you’re powerful.

The Third Phase - Understanding Others' Framework

A large part of our anxieties stem from feeling alienated and having frequent miscommunication with others despite our best efforts.

This phase is all about learning about the other Enneagram types and analyzing the behavior and personality traits of important figures in your life and - bosses, partner, colleagues, friends.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate in a way that resonates with each Enneagram Type and gets your voice effectively heard. At this point, you’ll be blown away by empathizing with those around you like never before and finally getting WHY you’re experiencing miscommunication and how to solve it.

It's enjoyable, enlightening, and all my clients have seen incredible changes in their relationships after this phase.

The Fourth Phase - Diving Deeper

This last phase is all about diving deeper into the Enneagram types and honing your ability to identify the various types and confidently communicate with them.

By now, you'll be incredibly adept at identifying the roots of your anxious and self-defeating emotions and know how to navigate through them to come out stronger.

As we wrap up last phase, you'll be seeing a world of a difference in your mood, behavior, and anxiety. You'll feel empowered by who you are and feel a deep sense of your purpose in the world.

You’d be a perfect fit for the program if...